Thank you all for putting up with the recent outage. I realize it was quite long, however I got carried away and created a monster.

Website Information:

The website is back up and running. I am aware of the formatting errors in the Blog Posts and Member Profiles. These are currently being researched and fixed. New features include the ability for anyone to create a clan & homepage, then challenge other clans. We have also added Achievements, Ranks, A twitch rail showcasing all our family & friends and a bunch more that I can’t think of at the moment.

Discord Information:

Our discord server has been reorganized and has several better features including the ability to play music, see cute animal pics, and more. Join our discord by clicking the link on our main menu and use ?help for a list of features and commands.

Minecraft Information:

The minecraft network is back up and running. You can connect to it using play.hydra.army. It now includes Skyblock, Creative, Survival and our new game mode Feudal. Feudal is like factions, but a lot better. It encourages actual PVP combat instead of TNT cannons. Check out the Minecraft website for our vote sites, forums and more.

7 Days to Die Status:

I am sorry everyone, the server that we had was not recoverable. The new one is under construction. Be sure to check out the 7D2D website for more information and to help us rebuild it!

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